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Elian Chali

My name is Angus Macdonald (Gus to those who know me) and I’m interested in the way the world is changing, particularly where this change is technology driven. This blog provides me with a space where I can throw up material and hopefully get some feedback from the wider world.


You can also find my digital presence in other corners. I tweet on issues relating to digital and general trends here and a more personal presence here which tends to focus on cycling and London.

I’ve had a Tumblr running for a few years and this has gone from a general scrapbook to one that looks exclusively at cycling. It’s been a great opportunity to foster an audience and tends to be much more visually led.

I’ve got a less than photographic memory and have been using Pinboard as my ‘external hard drive’ after switching from Delicious.  Here you will find a broad range of content added and tagged (subject; publisher; date) with content reflecting my personal and professional interests.

Podcasts have become something of a recent passion and you can check out some of my favourites here.

You can also get a further window into my world by checking out Flickr, Instagram, Pinterest, and Last.fm. My efforts on Strava are not worth announcing to the world…

Finally, you can have a look at my professional world at LinkedIn. I am currently freelancing and open to new opportunities.

The featured mural is a piece by Elian Chali for Nuit Blanche in Brussels and was published in StreetArtNews.


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  2. Hello Angus,

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