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Mikołaj Rejs piece from Lublin, Poland

This is part of an irregular series of blog posts looking at marketing communications which have caught my attention. This will complement Thought Starters which will look more at trends, strategies and ideas.

Bose’s Scene Unseen series of short documentaries shines a light on musical scenes in unexpected corners. A great use of branded content to tell engaging stories to relevant audiences.

Chrome Experiment’s has launched a couple of eye catching experiments. The first follows the ISEE-3 space exploration satellite. You don’t need to be a fan of space travel to appreciate the site’s visuals using WebGL.

The second Chome Experiment piece provides a visual companion to music from John Cale in collaboration with architect Liam Young and in an interactive music video. The YouTube link below should give you a taste of what to expect but you’re best to experience the site directly.

Google’s Cultural Institute has created a website bringing together street art from around the world. As you’d expect from Google, content is accessible by location and artist drawing on a mixture of photos and videos from collections from around the world.

Street Art Project

Heineken has created a new tool using Twitter that aims to provide consumers with recommendations for restaurants, cafés and bars based on their location drawing on social media activity including tweets, check-ins and photos across Twitter, Instagram and Foursquare. Consumers simply tweet @wherenext and their location to Twitter and it will get back to you with a response. More information over at The Drum.


Orangina have launched a new responsive website providing users with a friendly and uncluttered user experience.  Simple but effective.Orangina

Anad Sharma provides his own take on the quantified self tracking his own activities through data visualisations and well designed website.

April Zero

More interesting data visualisations, this time looking at life in the day of a New York taxi cab. A case of statistics and data brought to life.

NYC Taxis

The Universal Typeface Experiment looks to compare people’s handwriting from around the world. Using user submitted handwriting, the site provides viewers with the ability to filter by gender, age, country handednesss and industry. A nice way of celebrating handwriting from Bic as we spend more and more time at a keyboard.


Water resistant paint makes good use of one of Seattle’s more well known traits to promote the Bumbershoot arts and music festival.

The featured image is a piece by Mikołaj Rejs in Lublin, Poland and found on ekosystem.

Trends to Watch: Quantified Health

A M A Z O N I A by GoddoG

I was asked to have a look at some of the trends that I feel are likely to have a considerable impact on the consumer landscape. This is the second in the series, after an earlier piece on mobile enabled shopping.

Quantified Health

We have seen strong growth in the use of fitness trackers such as Runkeeper and Strava and of wearable devices such as Nike+ Fuelband, Jawbone Up and Fitbit since the launch of Nike+ in 2006. This field has gained a further boost with reports that Apple is building an application codenamed Healthbook which will see it more actively taking a role in this space. But it’s the adoption of tracking and monitoring devices in the more traditional health field that we are likely to have a more discernible impact on individuals’ lives. Devices are becoming increasingly available that enable consumers to track their own vital signs and share these with medical professionals. This sharing of information will be a key factor in facilitating remote and virtual care, particularly as tools and trackers become designed with a consumer audience in mind.  This will enable developed countries to better cope with the growing burden of an ageing population without having to resort to inpatient care.  

YoFi Meter: Helping diabetics manage their own care

Diabetes is a growing problem, with sufferers expected to increase from 366 million to 552 million globally by 2030.  The YoFi Meter looks to help patients better manage their glucose levels with an integrated tester and reader and integrated 3G connection allowing interested family and medical professionals to stay informed.

YoFi Meter

imedipac: Ensuring consumers get the treatment they need

Getting patrients to follow their treatment programme is not always easy, particularly when dealing with older patients who are multi-medicated. The imedipac looks to make this process easier in what is described as a ‘connect pill box.’ The device provides users with measured doses and treatment reminders, aiding patients with mental, sensory or mobility difficulties and with the ability to share treatment information with relevant health professionals.


Reebok Checklight: Keeping your head in order

Concussion is receiving  more attention as consumers become more aware of the long term damage associated with it. Reebok has developed a skullcap with an embedded sensor that determines the impact a head receives, with warnings when a player has receives a moderate or severe hit and also measures the cumulative number of impacts. This enables players and coaches to make more rational decisions when players should be on and off the field/boxing ring.

Reebok Checklight