Events: Getting the word out

We are moving to a world where organisations are looking to engage rather than simply broadcast to their communities (customers, members, stakeholders etc).

Online media is making it increasingly easy for organisations to publicise and manage  these. I put together  a deck recently looking at some of the more prominent solutions as well as an emerging platform. This doesn’t propose to provide a comprehensive list but it does showcase some of the more prominent solutions and business models.

Meetup and Facebook provide social networks with added on meeting functionality, facilitating the process of recruiting participants. The flip side to the coin is that these options  are also keen to keep providers locked in making movement to other platforms more difficult.

Meetup differs from the majority of other providers in charging users a monthly subscription regardless of whether events take place.

An interesting alternative to this approach is forum platforim which provides event functionality and data portability but doesn’t come with the inbuilt  audience of say Facebook or Meetup.

Eventbrite is the most widely recognised of the online ticketing providers and it has looked to capitalise on its popularity by providing event organisers with an additional channel to publicise their events through its website and mobile apps.

Eventbrite doesn’t charge for free events, making it easier for event providers to start small then  graduate to paid events. I’ve also profiled eventbee but among the other more well known providers which I haven’t covered are guestlistRegOnline and eventsbot.

All the options with the exception of Event Espresso are hosted applications, minimising users technical needs but also arguably reducing the options for customisation. Event Espresso requires users to licence the software rather than charging users on the basis of ticket purchases made.

A new entrant into the field is, from London based startup Makeshift that’s looking to provide a stripped back user friendly alternative for organisers of free events. does away with QR codes, entry manager apps and APIs, instead providing an uncluttered device agnostic  platform which allowd you to quickly get your word out.

Slideshare presentation below gives you a run through of each of the mentioned platforms.

Feel free to provide your own commentary on these and other alternatives in the comments section.

The featured image is by Russian artist Morik in Perm, Russia and was found on Graffuturism.



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